City of Marvels will be the first installment of the Marvel Universe Online. It will feature the two main “hub cities” New York and Doomstadt. Similar to Paragon City and the Rogue Isles of the City of Heroes/Villains franchise, these cities will be Hero-centric and Villain-centric. The differences stop there as players are not locked into either one or the other. Heroes and villains can traverse either city using “secret identities” to avoid detection and unwanted aggression.

Image: Flag of New York

From a development point of view, attacking the project in a smaller scale will help fine-tune character and environmental technologies that will make scaling up much easier in the future. City tech, such as destructibility, weather effects, dynamic environmental changes, persistence, and NPC behaviors can be developed and tested through the alpha and beta processes with a reasonably sized team.

Image: Flag of Latvaria

Taking a page from Star Citizen, City of Marvels will actually be the second “module” of the overall game. The first module will be the character creation tool itself. Players will have the opportunity to create an endless variety of characters from the stand-alone creator as part of subscription package. When the City of Marvels module comes online, part of the testing phase will be the integration of characters and the open-world.

World of Marvels will expand the Marvel Universe Online to include two new hub cities and a wide variety of smaller, stand-alone locations from across Earth 619. Each location will provide players with new types of adversaries and opportunities to develop their characters to meet the challenges of a growing world. World of Marvels takes advantage of the development techniques learned from City of Marvels and lets the creative teams focus on quality of life improvements, player engagement, and some of the more persistent bug issues that are common for such a game.

Image: Marvel Atlantis

With threats now on a global scale, your powers and mobility will also increase as players can now unlock the “Paragon (Scourge)” level of power. Either through advancing an existing character that has reach the limits of the “Superhero (Super Villain)” to the level of Paragon, or creating a new Paragon, players are not forced to start from zero with each new character they create.

Image: Marvel Attilan

With the expanded world also comes larger scale battles, rescues, and globetrotting narratives. This will tests the limits of the scalability, dynamic narratives, and ultimately give them the opportunity to test the first iterations of procedural technology, something we hope can be applied to large areas around zones to allow players the chance to explore beyond the narrow confines of hub and spoke locations

Marvel Cosmos is the ultimate expression of the vision that is the Marvel Universe Online! Whether a Hero (Villain) or a Paragon (Scourge), you are no longer limited to the planet Earth. You will find the cosmos both beautify and deadly as you find adventure from the Blue Area of the Moon to the farthest reaches of the Shiar Empire. With teams now skilled at City tech, we can create new zones on a variety of different know worlds throughout the universe. With continued advances in procedural tech, we can also provide players with the ability to discover new worlds, with new opportunities. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe has an extensive list of alien races to choose from, but why stop there when we can create never-before seen creatures just for the Marvel Universe Online?

Cosmic Power awaits! Until now, players at Paragon level had to wait for special events for a chance to gain the “Cosmic” level of power. With the universe now open, there are opportunities for characters at any level to get a temporary boost to Cosmic. As a temporary level, once you’ve fought in the epic space battles, you can go back to being a “friendly neighborhood hero” knowing there is a neighborhood to return to! Marvel Cosmos should not be seen as a higher form of play, but an expansion of the game you already know. All players, at all levels can feel like an integral part of the Marvel Universe Online!