Judgement of the Celestials

The 5th Host of the Celestials is coming…

Many years ago, nine young people were empowered by the gods and presented by the Earth Goddess Gaea to the Fourth Host of the Celestials as the embodiment of the finest of human achievements…they were wrong.

After years aboard the Celestial ship and the ambivalence toward them from their benefactors, the nine eventually go insane. These powerful beings hatch a plan to impress the Celestials by trying to form their own Celestial by merging the consciousness of every human on Earth. They were defeated by the first defenders of Earth, the Eternals.

The 5th Host of the Celestials is coming…

Hovering over the Hudson River, standing two thousand feet tall, stand Arishem the Judge, leader of the Celestial hosts. His fellow Celestials appear across the world in every zone to study the events to come. Once Arishem raises his arm, the judgement of the human race begins.

Clones of the original Young Gods appear in every zone and it is up to every player to try to stop the clones from collecting the consciousness of average humans in an attempt to form the nodes of a “Uni-Mind”. Suspecting a return of a similar threat, the Eternals had been studying to bodies of the original nine and have discovered a way to allow players to tap into a small portion of their powers upon defeat.